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Placa de pruebas para Absorbancia 340 nm

Número de Parte: 7260551
Precio: $837    (Precios para accesorios son con base a la lista para EE.UU. Precio local puede variar.)

Para usar con: Cytation 5, PowerWave HT, Synergy Neo2, Epoch 2, Multi-Modal Cytation , Epoch, Synergy H1, ELx808, Synergy HTX, 800 TS

Placa de pruebas para Absorbancia 340 nm

For use with any BioTek microplate reader with 340 nm absorbance measurement capability, as an alternative to the traditional liquid tests used to evaluate optical systems at 340 nm. Tests linearity, accuracy, repeatability and alignment. Includes six filters for testing 340 nm at different optical densities. The 340 nm Absorbance Test Plate comes with a data sheet and instructions for use. Test plate data reduction can be automatically run using Gen5 software versions 2.08 and higher.

For information about testing BioTek microplate readers’ absorbance performance at 400 nm to 800 nm, please see p/n 7260522E, the Absorbance Test Plate.

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