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Controlador de gases para CO2 y O2

Número de Parte: 1210013
Precio: $8,201    (Pricing is U.S. list. Local pricing may vary.)

Para usar con: Cytation 5, Lionheart FX, Synergy Neo2, Cytation 1

Controlador de gases para CO<sub>2</sub> y O<sub>2</sub>

Increasingly, life science assays are run on live cells. Some of these assays require control over CO2 and O2 concentrations to modulate the environment for pH buffering or to create a hypoxic condition. These assays are traditionally run in flasks in a low-throughput manner, but there is a burgeoning interest in automation of live cell-based assays in microplates for higher throughput and efficiency, therefore there is a need for cell-friendly microplate instrumentation.

The Gas Controller allows full control over CO2 and O2 concentrations to regulate the environment for microplate based live cell assays.

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