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Módulo de Inyector Dual de Reactivos

Número de Parte: 8040036

Para usar con: Lionheart FX, Synergy Neo2, Cytation 7, Cytation 5, Cytation 1, Synergy H1

Módulo de Inyector Dual de Reactivos

Dual Reagent Injector Module includes two syringes, two reagent bottles, holders and inlet tubing. Feedthrough assembly options are required, order separately.

  • For use with Lionheart FX, order either aligned tips PN 1450533 for rapid kinetics, or offset tips PN 1450532
  • For use with Cytation 5/1, Synergy Neo2 and Synergy H1, order accessory PN 8040038, which includes straight injector tips. Angled tips PN 1320514 can be ordered and exchanged for the straight tips.

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