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Kit de Inicio de Ensayo de Rasguño / Herida(Scratch Assay Starter Kit)
para ensayos de curación de heridas y migración celular

Número de Parte: 1750012

Para usar con: Cytation 5, Lionheart FX, Cytation 1, Aplicación de Ensayo de Rasguño/Herida (Scratch Assay App)

Kit de Inicio de Ensayo de Rasguño / Herida(Scratch Assay Starter Kit)<br> para ensayos de curación de heridas y migración celular

BioTek’s Scratch Assay Starter Kit includes everything a researcher needs to implement automated, kinetic cell migration and scratch wound assays, in conjunction with a BioTek Lionheart™ Automated Microscope or Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader.

Kit-Box-Lid-Open-ContentsEach Scratch Assay Starter Kit includes:

  • BioTek’s AutoScratch™ Wound Making Tool to automatically create repeatable scratch wounds
  • The Scratch Assay App software: Automatically calculates key statistics including wound width, % confluence and maximum healing rate
  • Sample packages of 24-well and 96-well microplates
  • Reagents to ensure the best scratch performance, assay repeatability and easy maintenance

Other available accessories for scratch assay workflows include:
  • PN 02682 - Case of 100 (individually wrapped) Corning® Costar® 24-well Clear TC-Treated Plates - flat bottom, polystyrene, sterile, lid
  • PN 02683 - Case of 100 (20 packs of 5) Corning® 96-well Clear TC-Treated Plates - flat bottom, polystyrene, sterile, lid
  • PN 1750006 - Set of 8 spare scratch pins for AutoScratch Wound Making Tool
  • PN 1753008  - Cleaning reagents for AutoScratch Wound Making Tool

Application Notes:

Visual Abstracts:

Automated Wound Creation
Automated Scratch Wound Assay Wash Step
using MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser


Related Videos:

Automated Wound Creation
Upon completion of automated wound creation using the AutoScratch tool, automated plate washing can be achieved using the MultiFlo FX to remove cells dislodged from the plate bottom. A series of three plate washes are completed in a sterile environment followed by media and/or inhibitor addition prior to performing cell migration studies. Learn more at www.biotek.com/multiflofx.  


Simple installation and implementation

Scratch Assay

The Scratch Assay Starter kit automates cell migration and scratch wound healing assays, from scratch wound creation to image and kinetic cell migration analysis. The Kit automates plate setup, kinetic image capture and processing, image analysis and export of results, videos and graphs.


Consistent, repeatable wounds

Scratch Assay

Manual methods for creating scratch wounds are prone to error and inconsistency. AutoScratch Wound Making Tool automates the process for 24- and 96-well plates to ensure high quality, consistent wounds across the plate.


Pre-defined protocols


Start with a simple, pre-defined protocol and customize to your assay requirements. Temperature, assay runtime, kinetic interval and other settings are accessed through easy navigation. Automated exposure finds the optimal exposure for your samples.


Automated calculations


After kinetic image capture, the Scratch Assay App automatically calculates % confluence, wound width and maximum healing rate (max V).


Automated, multi-step cleaning and decontamination


Keep the scratch pins clean and prevent carryover, using the automated cleaning and decontamination routines. AutoScratch has built-in cleaning troughs, and the Kit includes cleaning reagents for convenience.



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