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Automated Washing of Multiplex Bead Based Assays for the MAGPIX® Reader System


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February 02, 2011


Authors: Paul Held, Jason Greene and Peter Banks, BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, Vermont




Next generation xMAP® technology, based on the use of magnetic MagPlex microspheres, has been available for a number of years. The use of MagPlex® eases sample processing through the use of magnets to immobilize the microspheres during wash processes. Recently, a new paradigm of xMAP Reader has been provided by Luminex® which does not utilize flow cytometry principles for detection. The MAGPIX® Reader System has been developed by Luminex exclusively for MagPlex microspheres. The washing of MagPlex beads used with the MAGPIX reader technology has been accomplished using a manual hand-held magnet or vacuum apparatus. The wash steps can be automated using an appropriately configured microplate washer equipped for biomagnetic separation. The spatial relationship between the localization of the magnetic beads by the magnet and the aspiration tubes is paramount for bead recovery. Here we describe the washer parameters associated with low residual volumes, good bead recovery and optimal assay performance. Human multiplex assay kits from Millipore were used to optimize the ELx50™. Washer settings and resultant assay data will be provided.


ELx50 Microplate Strip Washer

ELx50 Microplate Strip Washer