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Determination of Endogenous Cellular Kinase Activity through the Use of an Automated, High Throughput AlphaScreen®-Based Method


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January 14, 2013

Authors: Brad Larson and Peter Banks, BioTek Instruments



Cellular kinases are a key component in numerous cell signaling pathways. They play a role in relaying messages from receptors positioned at the cell membrane to other locations within the cell. The processes in which they are a part of are crucial for the development and life cycle of a cell and organism. These include, but are not limited to angiogenesis, cell growth, cell migration, and apoptosis. Over expression, or constitutive kinase activity, has also been linked to a number of disease states including vascular disease, bone disorders, and multiple forms of cancer. Because of this, cellular kinases including receptor tyrosine kinases and protein kinases, continue to be one of the most highly screened targets in small and large molecule drug development. The ability to perform screens on compounds or antibodies to determine their antagonistic effects on these signaling molecules in a rapid and robust fashion is therefore critical to current efforts in this area.


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