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Novel Gyrasol Sensor Assay Platform with the Hybrid Technology™ Multi-Mode Reader Synergy™ 4


February 02, 2009


Authors: Frauke Rininsland, Gyrasol Technologies; Xavier Amouretti, Paul Held, Ph.D., BioTek Instruments





The Gyrasol Sensor is a novel platform for biochemical kinase / phosphatase assays suitable for small molecule drug discovery. This homogeneous, antibody-free method is universal in nature and is based on fluorescence quench, characterized by signal increase with kinase inhibition. The assay is tolerant to wide concentrations of ATP and substrate, which makes the assay tunable for the inhibition of kinase through either substrate or ATP binding sites and adaptable to either endpoint or kinetic studies. Representative data will be provided for both kinase and phosphatase screening including PI3-K and Sphingosine, noted for their difficult lipid-based substrates. Robust assays, with z'-factors in excess of 0.8 were obtained with the Synergy™ 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader using a number of different fluorophores and monochromator settings.