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Luminescence-based assay using Promega’s GloSensor technology, with dose-response curves and EC50 calculations

June 08, 2011


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Gen5 version required: 2.0 or higher


The GloSensor technology from Promega is based on a biosensor protein expressed from a genetically modified form of luciferase. This biosensor is capable of modulating its luminescence activity dependent on reversible allosteric interaction with ligand allowing live-cell, real-time monitoring of cAMP kinetics and allows investigation of both endogenous and over-expressed GPCR targets.

This file illustrates the reading parameters used for an end-point luminescence GloSensor assay, as well as Gen5’s ability to plot titration curves using a 4-parameter fit and to calculate EC50 values.


Raw data and titration curves with multiple curves overlaid

Raw data and titration curves with multiple curves overlaid