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Dose Response as a Function of Detection Measurements per Well

March 13, 2013


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red arrow Related Application Note: Analysis of a New High Throughput Screening Detection Technology for Rapid hERG Safety Testing using a Fluorescence Polarization Assay

Gen5 version required: 2.0 or higher

A biochemical fluorescence polarization assay for rapid hERG safety testing of drug compounds was used as a model for conducting detection optimization, speed and sensitivity studies of dual PMTs on NEO. Data collected during an assay incubation time course experiment (4 time points) is included for 6 different detection measurements per well. Embedded procedure parameters, data reduction, and graph formatting are included for dose response and EC50 calculation of 2 representative compounds. Gain and plate/read height adjustment parameters had already been determined prior to the sample data collected with this file. The assay was performed in black 384-well low volume (30 µL) cone bottom microplates.

Dose Response as a Function of Detection Measurements per Well


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